Valentine Delivery
Services, LLC
Valentine Delivery
Services, LLC

We know the best way to
get your boxes moving.

Keep your promises.

We have a proven track record of accuracy, safety, speed and service. With nearly two decades of experience as a leading third party logistics provider, we deliver innovative shipping solutions with exceptional results. We make it happen for your customer, no matter what you promise.

Stay Focused.

End the hassle of managing your day-to-day transportation business processes, while still maintaining key relationships with your customers. Let us focus on your delivery solutions, while you stay focused on your business.

Watch the Bottom Line.

When you let us carry the burden of asset management, maintenance, repairs, insurance and personnel, you’ve got a partner concentrating on productivity and cost reduction. Together we can improve your bottom line.


At Valentine Delivery Services we provide our customer with quality services guaranteed to save you time and money. We offer a reliable fleet and a no hassle billing process. You will never find any hidden costs. We pledge to always put our customer first.

- Liability is transferred to Valentine
- Alleviates Human Resource Admin
- No Cost to purchase Trucks
- No Hassle for Truck Repairs
- No Cost for Insurance
- No Cost CDC on-site dispatcher
- No Cost for Fill-in Drivers
- No Cost for Fill-in Trucks
- No Overtime

Valentine Delivery Services, LLC
6725 S. Fry Road
Suite 700-359
Katy, TX 77494

Darrell Valentine